city pharmacy photo

The Sure Cure for it All

Prominently situated at the "corner of yesterday and tomorrow," City Pharmacy provides the Covington community with a distinctive chef-driven restaurant complemented by a thoughtful, unparalleled bar program. Originally a family-owned drugstore, our establishment continues the tradition of being a place known for pleasant company and lighthearted conversation. Housed in an expertly-renovated historical space, City Pharmacy pays homage to the past, yet serves as an iconic addition to the downtown landscape today. City Pharmacy builds a bridge between the Covington of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The building housing our restaurant operated as a licensed pharmacy for seventy years, from the early 1920s to the 1990s. Starting in 1920s, the drug store was a meeting spot for residents of Covington, not just to get a prescription filled, but to meet with friends. As such, it was dubbed, the place "Where Friends Meet." The pharmacy was one of the only places on the square where you could get a bite to eat. The fare was simple with nothing more than hot dogs and sandwiches on the menu. Kids enjoyed bellying up to the soda fountain to purchase a handmade beverage, scoop or even a malt from soda jerks.